"Do not mistake a child for his symptom"


Erik Erikson 

Adolescent Psychotherapy

Are you an adolescent who is struggling with your feelings or a parent who is worried about your son/daughter and does not know how to help them? Adolescence is a time of rapid change for the young person as they try to negotiate their way along the developmental path towards adulthood. For some this can be a smooth transition but for others it can be a confusing and difficult journey.

Many life issues can contribute to the adolescent feeling sad, depressed, angry, misunderstood, bullied, frightened or anxious. The reasons for these feelings can be of a personal nature or can be to do with their environment. Distressing feelings can manifest in various ways for different young people; for example aggression, eating disorders, self-harm, depression, low self-esteem or suicidal thoughts.

When working with teenagers my aim is to view the world through their eyes, and help them to identify, appreciate and reach a deeper level of understanding of what might be contributing to these difficulties. Identifying the issues, understanding how they have evolved and exploring better ways of resolving their particular troubles can be very helpful to the young person.

I work with adolescents between the ages of 11 and 22. Initially I meet with the adolescent and his parents/carers for a preliminary assessment. I then formulate an individualized treatment plan based on the adolescent’s needs. This can take the form of both individual and joint meetings, as consultations with parents/carers can often be an important part of the therapeutic process.

Anne Moran
MIAHIP, Advanced Diploma Adolescent Psychotherapy

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